OpenVMS security and auditing solutionsOrganizations now realize that insider threats and system intrusions are a significant risk to their data confidentiality, integrity and availability. PointSecure’s OpenVMS security and auditing solutions help protect an organization’s data through a combination of monitoring and auditing using System Detective and PointAudit. Insiders and intruders, even privileged users, may be monitored in real time and actions to protect data or to alert security personnel may be taken while the event is occurring. Security rules in System Detective may be established to examine file accesses, qualified by a flexible array of factors (terminal or port substring, privilege, time, subprocess, etc.), and take actions ranging from notifications to process deletions. Custom actions may include running scripts to take special actions, for example; sending emails, text messages, special logging, or denying future access to the user. The user’s activities may be logged selectively so that user session logs contain security relevant information or the user’s entire session may be logged. Reports may be generated showing the security events. System Detective may be configured to allow one user to interact with another user’s session under carefully controlled circumstances. PointSecure products provide solutions to a wide variety of challenges faced by OpenVMS sites today and in the future.