System Detective

Monitor, audit, and control OpenVMS session activitybtnRequestDemo

  • Produce logs of session activity
  • Proactively respond to security events
  • Alert on session activity and policy violations
  • Enhance protection of sensitive information
  • Safeguard systems from potential misuse by elevated users
  • Recover from operation errors with audit trails
  • Review recorded session log files
  • Create reports of session activity

What is System Detective?

PointSecure’s System Detective is a powerful security and auditing solution that helps to identify who did what, when, and how on your OpenVMS systems. System Detective helps you ensure compliance with regulatory and data security requirements such as HIPAA, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI and Basel II by providing ways to mitigate risk, produce audit trails and alert on session activity. This robust tool goes beyond traditional auditing by providing security controls to safeguard against potential system misuse and non-compliance by triggering and automating the remediation of policy violations.

Why System Detective?

System Detective is essential for organizations that have a need to maintain audit trails, restrict access or assist users. Whether it be to proactively respond to certain events, record user sessions under certain conditions or interactively assist users, System Detective is flexible enough to meet your security requirements. Proactively and automatically responding to certain events is essential to maintaining a secure environment. Rather than waiting until after an incident occurs to be notified, take action before the incident has a chance to occur.

Key Benefits

Compliance – System Detective helps you comply with government, industry and corporate regulations or policies by providing access control, auditing, and reporting capabilities.

Continuous Auditing – System Detective provides real-time monitoring and auditing of session activity that is highly configurable to meet your requirements.

Immediate Notification – System Detective can be configured to alert on suspicious activity via the system console, event database, or e-mail. The alerting engine includes powerful features such a flexible alert definition, custom messaging and alert reporting.

Increased Productivity – By automatically monitoring processes and taking a proactive response, System Detective reduces staff requirements by minimizing the need to manually monitor OpenVMS systems and take appropriate action thus freeing up resources allowing to concentrate on other activities.

Improved Service Levels – By taking automatic responses, problems can be stopped before they occur or resolved quickly before systems are adversely impacted