Audit, analyze and report on the security of OpenVMS systemsbtnRequestDemo

  • Evaluate state of security across all OpenVMS systems
  • Analyze user privileges, access rights, file protections and system settings
  • Track compliance with corporate policies and regulatory guidelines
  • Identify security exposures and common vulnerabilities
  • Stay abreast of changes to the system and your security model
  • Comprehensive reporting to satisfy audit requirements

What is PointAudit?

PointAudit is a non-intrusive PC-based auditing tool that allows users to quickly and easily assess the security and settings of their OpenVMS environment. PointAudit helps to improve security and ensure compliance with regulatory and data security requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, HIPAA, and Basel II by providing customizable, low-impact auditing and reporting on settings across multiple OpenVMS systems. By looking at file security, system settings and user profiles, PointAudit enables users to determine if their OpenVMS security settings are in compliance with defined OpenVMS security policies or industry best practices.

Why PointAudit?

Given the varied and complex methods for granting access on OpenVMS systems, it is virtually impossible to manually determine a users’ rights across the system. PointAudit does this for you, answering the important questions such as “Who has what privileges, what are the protections on my sensitive files, and what are the current parameters for my key security settings?” PointAudit provides a comprehensive, automated solution for auditing, analyzing, and reporting on OpenVMS security risks and vulnerabilities, and easily demonstrate compliance with security policies and government regulations.

PointAudit also goes beyond simply auditing by providing mechanisms to remediate vulnerabilities as well as allows you to perform a baseline analysis or compare data collections over time to quickly identify unwanted changes.

Key Benefits

Powerful Security Analyses – gather a complete picture of the security of your OpenVMS environment with the analysis and reporting tools provided by PointAudit. Quickly and easily identify exposures and weaknesses.

Ability to analyze:

  • User Privileges – select a user and identify all assigned privileges and account settings on the OpenVMS system.
  • System Security Settings – view and verify audit server settings, SYSGEN parameters and current patch levels.
  • File Protections – browse and analyze the OpenVMS directory structure. Instantly view permissions and security related properties at the file level.

Identify policy violations and system changes – provides the ability to capture snapshots of the security model on a regularly scheduled or ad-hoc basis in order to identify policy violations or changes regarding access rights and security settings. This enables rapid analysis and detection of unwanted changes to security settings and helps to ensure continual compliance.

Powerful reporting and analytics – PointAudit provides ‘out of the box’ reports to address a broad range of auditing and security reporting needs. Reports may be easily customized and enables rapid development of ad-hoc reports for forensic analysis.

Minimal performance impact – PointAudit employs a very efficient, low-overhead data collection mechanism to minimize impact on audited servers. PointAudit does not use agents or high-overhead approaches that can impact server performance.